Case Study: Capp Care Recapitalization


Beech Street, Inc. has recapitalized Capp Care



Capp Care is a leading healthcare management and information technology company with a 15-year history.  It serves 3.5 million members and provides its customers access to its provider networks nationwide which includes 320 markets in 43 states, over 247,000 physicians’ offices and 2038 hospitals.  Capp Care’s management team hired the Principals of Tellson Securities to identify a partner to better enable the company to service its providers and enrollees and to address certain shareholder’s objectives.  The Principals of Tellson completed the assignments by arranging the recapitalization of Capp Care with Beech Street.

The combined Beech Street/Capp Care organization will now service over 17 million enrollees/beneficiaries through the management of over 300,00 individual physician locations, 4,000 hospitals and 100,000 specialty healthcare providers.  Beech Street provided the right match for our client, Capp care. The recapitalization places Beech Street as a leader in the rapidly consolidating PPO industry while providing liquidity to certain Capp Care shareholders.



Tellson works with the owners and management of middle market companies across many industries.  Our principal focus is to enhance shareholder value and maximize liquidity opportunities.  This can be accomplished by the addition of long-term or permanent equity to the company’s capital base.  Additionally, Tellson undertakes mergers & acquisition assignments, which include the partial or total sale of businesses, operating divisions and asset sales as well as recapitalizations and related transactions.